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Depending on what this wind does for the lake will determine where you should be fishing. You can either start in 100fow and head south until you get into fish. OR. Start in 350 fow and play out there until you find some bows and cohos.

Winds over the last couple weeks have really mixed up temps so will be hit and miss as to where they are. Not a lot of reports to go by either.  

Definitely run your gear in the upper 50ft of the water column and don't be afraid to mupp your riggers, (cheaters).

Lite line 12-15 test is good now and spoons, not to say that flashers and flies wont work but you are trying to match the bait.

3-10 colour lead core or short copper rigs would work well now as well.

If you are in 300+fow you should come across some teenage kings as well.

I am going on Wednesday morning out of Whitby.

You can also check in 30 fow in front of harbour for staging kings as there might be some still there waiting to do there spawn run


Good Luck

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Mupping is Once you have your pole down and fishing off your rigger, you attach 5-6'ft of line with a snap swivels on each end. One end clip to a spoon and the other clip it to the line on your pole! And letter go! It will slide down the bow in your line and stop in the bow of your line! If your riggers are set at 40' a cheater will run roughly around 30'. It just gets More lures in the water off 1 pole. Good luck

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I'm new to the downrigging game. Thursday Oct 10 will be my first try on my own boat. Looking for some advice for rainbow fishing in the Oshawa area. Any and all hints and tips are appreciated.


6hrs spent. No fish. Tried spoons rapalas and spin dr's with flys and enen some "mupps" and no bites. Maybe next year. Thanks for your help

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