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Tieing mono to wire ?

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Follow this link to the Albright knot animation: http://www.animatedknots.com/albright/

In the animation, the white rope is your wire line, and the blue rope is your monofilament backing.


A Twili or swiveling roller top is recommended for both 7 and 19 strand wire.

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We tie an overhand knot in the wire and pull that tight.  Then tie a nail knot with the mono on the wire and slide it down to the overhand knot.  I think there is a video on the Fish Doctor site.  We have not had this fail yet in all  the time we have been running wire.  Of course it is rare to get there with 1000' of wire.

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I had a snap off unfortunately with the albright knot this year. Lost a good 4 oz torpedo and spoon.


It seems the wire cut into the leader right where the wire clinches - which on the provided link would be on the very right of the knot.


I managed to find a micro swivel that fits trough my rod eyelets and reel guide.  So now I have the wire and leader tied to the swivel. Haven't had a problem yet.


As for a twilli tip - yes, as a minimum you need something on the top guide of the rod to either prevent sawing through the eyelet with the wire, or damaging the wire via kinks.  The other eyelets are fine.

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