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Steelhead and Kings In Front of Olcott

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I ventured out yesterday late morning in front of Olcott. I set up my downriggers in 80 FOW and got my first hit before I hit the 100' mark. 60' down I got a nice fat Steelhead. I started marking bait pods near the bottom so I set my rigger to 80'. As soon as I picked up my speed....Bam. A nice King. About 17-18#. Working 90'-110 FOW I caught 2 more very young Kings and lost 2 B-I-G hits. All on blue/black spoons. I was home before noon.

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Yeah.  The 1st King was about 18 lbs.  The next two were just shakers.  Maybe 2 or 3 lbs.  All the fish were nice and shiny.  I prefer shiny, fresh fish to salmon that are in the marina or up the creeks and turning black.

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