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First kill of the year.


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Sunday evening I decided watching football was nothing like being in the woods !! So that being said I hit the shower and starting loading my stuff in the truck. As I was doin that my 4yr old son Landon yelled out the door " if a deer walks by you, you better shoot it I want to track blood!" So that being said it was time to release an arrow. I got in my stand at 4 o'clock with high hopes of putting one down for him to track.

At 5 o'clock I had 3 does coming in on a string right to me. I picked out the biggest one and at 14yards let it fly, perfectly hitting her in the heart! At that point I text my wife and told her to meet ne at the truck at 6 o'clock cuz we had a deer to find! As they showed up he jumped out of the car fully camouflaged with one of the biggest smiles on his face I have ever seen. The first thing he says to me was " daddy dont worry I got my flash light" As we got close to where I maid the shot I pointed in the direction she was and told him "its all you buddy look for the blood you've been dying to track! After about to minutes he yells out " daddy I got blood"!!! He was so excited I couldnt believe it. Flash light in hand with lots of day light left he continued right on track following the blood like a pro and kept reminding me that " I got blood" the whole way. About 30yards into the track he whisper s there she is and points at the deer! I told him good job and to walk up to het slowly and make sure she was dead. So he walked up with caution and gave her a little kick in the rear and says " Big Doe Down" with a southern draw!! I couldnt stop laughing! After we celebrated his great tracking job I had to let him knoe what we had to do next, the gutting of the deer. After I told him what we had to do to my surprise his response was " cool can I help"!! So I gave him a leg and told him to hang on to her! I can honestly say that was probably the best 45mins I have ever spent in the woods in my life! Take I kid in the woods even if there a friend, niece or nephew you wont regret it u promise. If you look closely you can see Landons flash light shining like the sun with bright sky's hahaha!

Matt n Landon

-Jakey Baby-

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That is a awesome story, glad to hear that he wanted to go instead of watching tv!! I've got twin girls age 8 and they both are interested in the outdoors 1 is into hunting, camo guns with me right by her side, she likes to shoot my 17hmr, and the other loves to fish so maybe one day I'll be a busy man, but for now they love to fish the bigO . Come on spring, I can't wait to get them into the browns, I might have to change my address to Dexter I hope!! but congrats to your kill and JR being so interested in the whole game

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Reminds me of my first hunt with my daughter Amanda when she was 6. We were rifle hunting the catskill mountains on my friends farm. Just got sat down and I reminded her we need to be quiet now, and then 30 minutes later the crunch crunch of leaves starts getting louder and closer. She said I hear something, and I said sounds like a deer. She said I see it! I said, Yup, its a buck coming. I look and she has her ears covered already..haha!..then boom goes the 30.06 and the buck ran down hill just out of sight through the trees. She said did ya git it?..Yup..we gotta track it, but not far. I knew it fell only 50 yards from the shot. I let her do the same as you! Track the deer as I made like I couldn't find blood and she got all excited telling me over here dad!..I can smell it too! It was fun watching her go spot to spot with enthusiastic here's some more! She is a 28 year old daughter and vet tech today who still loves hunting and never stops thinking of that first day hunting with dad. We still get chances to hunt together, and each time we relive the first.

Congrates on a successful hunt, and a great teaching moment for your son!..you will remember the day for years to come...trust me...I know! Thanks for bringing my memory forward again on a special time like yours and your young hunter!


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