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31 inch draw length anybody ?

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Thanks everyone for the replies! Now that the bow season has ended for me, I will take some time to check out the 2013 models that might be reduced to clear for the new models.

Even still my old caveman PSE inferno took out another gene pool misfit. A one sided rack deer aptly named "U-glee" by my son. Not really the buck I was looking to harvest, but meat in the freezer and he was a resident of the property that was easy to profile. Since "Mr. Big" got bumped during daylight hours by one of the guests (wow, you shouldda seen the gigantic buck I saw running away, Musta been a 10 pointer!),...now he's a ghost, hides like a vampire from the sun. He wasn't a resident, but made his presence known passing throughout the property, rubs on thigh size trees, gouged pine tree bark.

So anyway, U-glee snuck up on my son, caught him playing with his smartphone, bow on his lap, release not in his hand at 9am. Walks away and I get a text....U-glee is on his way towards you, hemlocks on your left..about an hour later, there he is coming from my right, 40 yards.. no shot. Watched him move across and along a pond, to a funnel of brushy woods that leads to a midday bedding area. Next time I see him coming from the funnel on the trail leading passed me. Takes his time, rubs a small tree, sniffing everything, and I'm getting ready. Just as I'm about to draw on him for a really close shot broadside...another 10 feet..he steps off the trail and comes straight on to me. Nothing but head on for a shot, so I pass, not wanting to chance a shot like that and wound him. He brushes my tree and walks through a row of hemlocks out of sight. So I figure this guy is a wanderer, likes going off route and I'm kinda in an open area where that happens easily...so move my climber to the funnel. Did some gardening around the four trails converging just outside the 20 yard wide brushy cover between the pond and an open meadow leading to U glee's bedroom. Next morning I'm up the tree, and a doe goes behind me a distance away, I stood and gave a couple estrus bleats and watched her walk on. Still standing I turn and look left and there is U glee standing on one of the trails, two steps from one of my gardeners prune jobs for arrows to fly. Holy crap this deer is stealthy! He's busy sniffing the change of the drapery and not totally alarmed but my bow is in the holder on my lone wolf platform yet. I wait for him to sniff a little more to the right and I grab the PSE cavebow, hoist it to shooting level, and attach release. I watched him carefully, reading his level of anxieties, and figure about the right time to draw the old club back...I don't wanna hold for too long, not enough boy power left in me...nah...just an old 65% letoff on 70 lbs....right! Ok, now he takes his final two steps to the freezer. 15 yards broadside, the halo sight is burning a hole in the rib cage behind the shoulder...TUNK!..the old bow throws a snail pace 242 fps arrow weighing 438 grains total with a Thunderhead leading it to the mark but coyote laser nock tracing it. U glee spun around and blasted out into the meadow 40 yards away, stood there like wondering.."what was that!"...then panick, ran south 10 yards and collapsed.

The deer was nothing spectacular, just a great animal to posture on, and profile his routine. Made some adjustments to stand position to capitalize on his habits. Besides he was weird, and stealthy, and one horned, and Mr. Big was now nocturnal, I had no idea where he was bedding in day but it was not on the property.

My son is still kicking his butt with both feet over playing with his phone, missing the chance at him. He has yet to harvest a bow buck. Ahh the distractions of technology!..hope he doesn't drive that way LOL!

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