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Islander deck water drains too slowly


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I know this might sound goofy but what about placing and fastening a small diameter section of hose (say about double that of aquarium stuff and out of the way) just out from the corner where it is collecting and run it into the bilge area. If fastening is a problem marine adhesive sealant could be used. When the boat is on plane it should empty out by gravity flow. Another possibility is small diameter pvc pipe cut lengthwise and beveled at the leading edge so that it fits close to the bottom and run it toward the bilge. If worse came to worse could you install the smallest size possible bilge pumps in the corners so they come on automatically when water pools there?  Sounds as though something is needed in any case to "channel" the pooled water towards the bilge. I'm not familiar with the internal areas of the Islander so if this is "out there" disregard ...just trying to think of ideas.

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