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11/6 CNY buck down

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Well got my bow buck last night in 15-20mph winds. I setup in a funnel between two thickets, and above a buck bedding area at around 3:45 to hunt the last hour. The property holds a few real giants, but i haven't seen either of them since August, i assume their bedding across the street on property i cant hunt. There is however a few nice 2.5 yr olds ive been seeing, and a small 4 point that ive let walk a few times already. Around 4:30 this buck pops out, nose to the ground and stops broadside at 40 yards. I ended up spining him and had to haul a$$ out of my climber to run up and put a finisher in him. I felt a little bad about the shot, but i ended it as quick as possible. He's not the P&Y deer i was hoping for but im a very happy hunter either way.  Add this to the 2 doe i already have and the freezer is getting full, almost time to get after the winter chrome. post-152750-0-37131900-1383853420_thumb.jpg

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