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Got my fourth deer on Sunday. After a season of only seeing 1 doe, this guy definitely made the wait worth it. Got up my tree at 6am and the first deer I seen was a small basket 8 at 30 yards away. This was on the edge of my comfort zone so I decided to pass. The rest of the morning I spent kicking myself for not taking the shot. Lucky I didn't. At 3 I saw a squirrel take off up a tree and looked over to my right to see what spooked it, at 15 yards this guy was coming under a branch parallel with me. Stood up, pulled my bow back and waited for the shot. Deer started heading for the logging road in front of me but I just couldn't wait. At 6 yards I let the arrow fly. Hit him a few inches back, drilling him right through the center of the liver. Gave him 30 minutes and started to follow his trail. After 100 yards, I seen him laying on the ground and the celebration started. Never thought u would get a buck like this on state land, but it just goes to prove that you never know when that big buck is going to walk up on you.




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Great buck!! 


I have seen some big bucks on State land..  In most cases, only the fringes of the State land get hunted and there is plenty of room for the deer to hide..  Add to that the fact that the days of the "big deer drives" seem to be gone and that results in opportunitites like you got at a very fine buck!!!


Way to close it out with a godd shot.

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