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Winter Walleye


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I just saw on the news that a man went missing while fishing for walleye on the Susquehanna. After not returning for 12 hours they put out a search team, one of his friends knew his hot spots for walleye and after a day of searching they found him, unfortunately not alive. I know there are a few members on here that fish the Susquehanna for walleye in the winter months, please be careful and if fishing by small boat wear a life vest. Good luck and more importantly be safe!! PAP

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Good point Pap.  I wear a life vest when I fish the rivers whether I am in a boat or not.  Had this one for about 4 years now.  It gets used a lot.  It saved me twice so far.  It is nice to know you won't sink when your waders fill up.  Holds enough tackle for my needs and recently I added a couple of pouches to carry more.





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