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First Tracking Experience


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My family owns a good amount of land in which we do QDM and only shoot the mature bucks there.  This year i started hunting some land that my father in law has that is completely separate from our QDM land.  Last night was my last chance to go out for bow season and two of my brother in laws (8 years old, and 10 years old) were counting on me to get a deer because they wanted so badly to help me track it.  Well, unfortunately i didn't have any monster bucks walk past me last night, but i did have a young 4 point walk broadside at 15 yards and i made a nice clean shot on him.  I heard him run down over the hill through the woods and crash about 80 yards away.


So i walked back out to my car (directly across the road from my in-laws house) and let the kids know i shot a buck and needed their help tracking it.  They wasted no time getting ready and meeting me outside, I don't think i've ever seen them that excited before!  Anyways i lead them down to where the first sign of blood was and told them it was up to them to follow the blood trail.  They never made a wrong turn and followed it right to where the deer laid.  They stuck around and got their first lesson on how to gut a deer and what the different organs were, then helped me drag it out.


Although i was looking for a much bigger buck, sometimes there are more important things to think about, and it's definately a hunt i'll always remember (even though it was only a 4 pt :) )

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Nice going Guppy, and for the kids involved :yes: Sometimes it's not about the size but the adventure, especially if one takes the time to get the young ones involved. Now they experienced the whole picture and know what comes after the shot. congrats on the kill.

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