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Susquehanna River Musky

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A friend and I were out on friday Nov. 15th manage to boat 3 nice muskies I attached pic's of the two larger ones, and a cute small one. At one point we almost had a double header when my partner had a fish hooked in a figure 8 and I had one following my Double Dog for multiple 8's. I set down my rod , netted his fish and picked up my rod and the musky was still there starring at my lure. I couldn't get him to eat unfortunately, maybe that was a good thing because the net was all fouled up with my partners fish rolling around in it.. All fish were released clean to be caught another day.. 


PS  The action all happened at the tail end of a major ( Moon Under Foot )




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All the action that day was within 50 yards.

Nice fish Up-Trim - funny how all the action comes in such tight windows and concentrated spots.  I know if I get lucky enough to boat or see a fish, I always try to make another pass over that same area. 

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