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My sisters 1st Buck


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 I sat with her in the morning and we watched many doe and fawns cruising and she even got some pictures on her phone. Eventually, a doe we wanted to take came through and I turned her loose. she made a great shot... In the evening we sat in the same spot and I told her to watch a small area that is generally productive. about 3:30 she said theres a deer !. I turned a see a grey face about 225 yards through the woods, i knew !  after watching him for a few minutes she kept telling me she had a clear shot (i questioned multiple times) I told her to take it. I kept saying "just squeeze the trigger" She thread the needle beautifully, putting it right in the bolier room ! What a proud moment!!

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Really neat! Going to be tough improving on that first one into the future though :)  Nothing like that first buck to get the old heart thumping :lol:

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