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Opening Day 2013


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A couple of weeks ago I had hung a set specifically for the opening morning of the regular season. It was a spot I had found late in last years muzzleloader season and it served as the backdoor entrance to a huge bedding area that is situated between 2 huge ravines. During the 6 hour sit, I was visited by over 30 deer at my stand with only 2 being antlered (a tiny spike and a 4 pt chasing does). The end result for the morning would be a success... big doe down!




I changed locations for the afternoon sit. This stand is on the transition between hardwoods and a thicket that overlooks a ditch line that funnels into a corn field. To my surprise the action started before I could even make it up the ladder as a small, unaware 8pt passed by at 45 Yards. Over the next couple of hours i would see another 7 deer including some chasing. About 4:00 or so, Im startled by a doe fawn that sneaks out from the thicket and behind a tree about 30 yards away. It takes me a minute or two, to notice that behind her is a buck. I quickly realize that he has made me out in the tree as we lock into a staring match. With all of the obstructions, Im unable to tell the size of the buck but in my head I make the terrible assumtion that "hes probably a small buck because hes with a doe fawn". Before I can confirm with my binoculars, the buck turns and I realize hes a shooter. With my gun in my lap, my small window of opportunity (between 2 trees) is quickly over as he disappears back into the thicket with the doe. With the gun shouldered now and expecting a some kind of a shot, Im in awe as the buck truly becomes a ghost. I am left with my eyes staring into that spot in the woods just hoping that the hot doe will give me another chance at him. With the sound of a broken stick and with 30 minutes burned off the clock both deer appear directly in front of me. The buck, still aware of my presence, locks eyes on me but in presence of a hot doe, his decision making ability is skewed. With the first opportunity, a single 30 yard broadside shot, he is dropped in his tracks.



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Congrats on the success Rob! "but in presence of a hot doe, his decision making ability is skewed." Perfectly stated! Way to close the deal. Sounds like you have your 2014 opening day spots already picked out.


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Hey Congrats again Rob, Finally get to see a daylight picture of him. GREAT year for you already. You put alot of work into it and it pays.



Your Sodus farm stand has cob webs and raccoon crap in it by now i bet. 

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