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Nice early birthday buck

Kevin J Legg

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Tomorrow is my birthday and I planned to deer hunt. I decided to sit a stand near my house this afternoon. I got set up about 3:30 and at 4:00 this buck came strolling through the hardwoods. I shot at 90 yards and it just kept walking toward me. When I got another opening he was about 60 yards and I shot high on the shoulder and down he went. Turned out both shots hit less than 2 inches apart. Not sure why the first shot didn't drop him but it must have been a different angle. 11 points around 180 lbs.

Very nostalgic time of year for me as I was born on my dad's birthday and he died the day after out birthday 31 years ago. He had killed a 4 point and had a heart attack and they found him laying next to his buck. Not a bad way to go!


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Nice buck Kevin, nice story behind you decision to make that evening sit, it's funny how those mysterious notions make you do things and they turn out good, like it was meant to be  :happy2:  

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My family always had venison for Christmas dinner and the year my dad past the only deer we had was the 4 point he had shot. It was tough to chock down the first few bites but we manage to continued the tradition and I only remember one year that we didn't have any venison on Christmas. We still carry on the tradition 30 years latter.

When I went home for dad's funeral I decided I should take a walk behind the house and look for a deer, as that's what dad would have wanted. About a half mile from the house I jumped a 4 point like the one dad had shot. I never even shouldered my gun. It just seemed like spiritual experience.

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