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last minute decision pays off!


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with just getting back from 3 weeks of hard hunting in Pa. I took yesterday as a rest day and worked on some paperwork

today figuring with the wind why push it. about 3:15 the winds layed down some and I just couldn't take it.

took a quick scent free soap shower, grabbed my gear and off to the woods. figured 40 minutes was better spent in the woods than finishing up a little paperwork.

I get just about to my stand and I see a doe running back and forth across the field, she was in and out of a depression so I could only see her occasionally but I knew with what she was doing she was not alone. finally I see antlers bouncing along as he was in the small depression.

once she stopped I bleated to her and here she comes, I am standing next to a huge basswood tree with 2 little beech trees that still had some brown leaves on them so I felt confident that I would blend in well enough if she didn't walk through slowly. As luck would have it she trotted right by me and stopped about 60 yards behind me.

Here he comes trotting along, when he hit the woods I drew, when he trotted by at a mere 6 yards it was over before he knew what happened, he never even changed speed just kept trotting for 40 yards and fell over! Just like that my season is done.


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Even though it's no monster the rack is cool, it has character and holds is mass through out the whole tine itself. Congrats on your kill. Now the work begins!!

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Cool is the cart for you ? It's all about being in the right place at the right time..man if we could figure that out we could save a lot of trips to the woods...hmm maybe the government could stick a couple trail cams up there for us in them drones.

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