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My big doe

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Bucket -


You didn't by any chance have this deer processed at Smith's Meat Packing in Marion did you?


I happened to see a similar doe laying on the pile tonight with the biggest head I've ever seen on a deer and it looked just like yours.


Thanks for sharing,



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I didnt think I was crazy. My first reaction was no way!. A hunting partner a few yrs back shot one like that on a drive. I swear its eyes were as big as baseballs and it dressed at 185#.

We had 4 deer I think on that drive and that doe had dwarfed a couple avg  6pt bucks that were down also!

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I have shot a lot of mature does including one that dressed at 197#. Old Greyface we called her. Passed her up during archery a few times but took her with my revolver. They all had a giant heads like yours. I couldn't see the body in your pic but I would check that scale for accuracy.

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