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Happy Thanksgiving to all my LOU pals!


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Just had Thanksgiving buffet at the Chrome Shop Mafia and Petro in Joplin, Missouri. Actually very good!...and best of all..no cleanup!

Happy gobbler day!...now its leftovers! Even better! Turkey and mayo sandwiches!

Ok sleeper berth time..yawn..zzzzzzz....


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Happy Thanksgiving to all from PAP and his family, Since my mother-in-law passed away from Pancreatic cancer 3 years ago, we have Thanksgiving at our house. My wife and I started Tuesday evening with the preparation, I pressure cooked a 8# chicken for the filling. Wednesday I made the pies, apple and pumpkin, by then my wife and kids were home from school, and the girls started peeling the apples for homemade apple sauce and Paula cooked the cranberries for the sauce and I finished the filling, then washed all the pots up and fell asleep on the couch where I woke up this morning, Paula baked the filling because I always deep fry the bird, this year everything came together at the same time for a change!!! all my in-laws came which is 4 people and our family of 4 sat at the table all together, as I have no family members close by and my parents passed away from cancer 5 and 7 years ago. It was my turn to say Grace at the table and so I did, I want to let you know our thoughts were with Kevin and especially Laurie, who's name was mentioned in my say at the Table. We finished our meal which everyone complimented on and clean up. Ready for round 2, the deserts which my sister-in-law made and our apple pie and pumpkin pie all were excellent!! The gals looked at the sales flyers as we were BSing about the opening day of buck season here in PA. Which is Monday, Still bloated from Thanksgiving dinner. Now it's time to get ready for Santa Claus YEEE HAAAA !!!!! Hope everyone enjoyed them selves today as we have a lot to be Thankful for.   

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