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Thanksgiving day hunt AND the weekend Part II


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Well after I took a good buck thanksgiving morning hunting with my nephew Todd ( Chad-Blue eye's) brother.  Also my God child..... I had to work all day Sat till late PM.  Todd texted me Sat. nite wanting to know if i wanted to hunt Sun, I said sure and we talked strategy on the way out to hunting grounds early Sun am. Todd kept hinting he wanted to hunt my ground spot inside a HUGE vine overgrowth (where i shot my Thanksgiving day buck.) in the morning. This is a main trail doe travel to our main food source. I harped on him to let the doe GO.....and watch..... and watch.... till you get your buck. Todd has only hunted a few years and is where WE ALL WERE--shoot almost everything !!!!!! I was gonna hunt my "swamp donkeys" (which are the oldest/smartest deer on the property) 


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After i get set down low in my spot  the TODD TEXT'S start coming


Todd text---"BIG doe headed your way


Todd text---" 3 deer coming threw here now"


Todd text---" deer bedded down 30 ft to my left and 50 ft in front of me"



Todd text's then turned into Todd pictures......




I told Todd to sit still and observe everything they do (react to noise or other deer coming or making you out being that close)


Meanwhile where i was a set of 3 big doe literally sneek up to were i was sitting. I shoot the 1st one with 1 shot and it tries to see were i was and jumps away Snorting me the whole way as she goes.

Todd text----"was that your shot ? if it was that shot had NO EFFECT on these bedded deer at all"


With Todd's help , we tracked-dragged-field dressed and transported my doe to barn where my buck was hanging.

This was the old black chested doe i got (sorry bad pic as we had her cooling on snow pile) She was really big.


Now its time to hunt the afternoon and we go to a out of the way feeding area that is VERY close to another bedding area. As we walk there are 3 deer already feeding there. So not to push them hard back into bedding area we wait till they go back to bed. 


This is the corner i hunted and Todd was to hunt other 2 sides (light south wind is perfect for this hunt as sound and scent come into food spot AWAY from close bedding area.

Now the hunt begins with 1 doe and her pup coming into feed, they feed 15 min. then go back to bedding as another doe with her 2 pups come out to feed. No bucks so far ( Bucks here usually wait till after dark to enter field)  Todd text---"you see the 5 deer so far ? WAIT here come 3 more from WAY behind us now." As the new group of doe with pups show up past me to all around Todd's area, I text him that after dark i will leave my spot  1st. and break branches to move deer back into woods so he can escape undetected. Next thing i know the 3 latest deer coming turn into a group of 7 doe with pups AND all 5 doe/pups from earlier return to TOTALLY crowd Todd's spot. Luck has it also there was a turkey in other corner by Todd that keep all the feeding deer attention with his movement/scratching.. I now scan bedding area direction and here comes 2 bucks. A 6 pt and a Big odd Tyne looking rack buck with big body also. they come to edge of field and Big buck just watches while 6 pt trotts to other deer feeding. I TEXT Todd fast and often telling him there is a shooter buck on edge of field watching-- No responses from Todd and i pray he does not shoot 6pt. (as he has killed only 1 other small buck in his life) Well with 12 decoy deer and 1 turkey feeding(all is well sign) That big buck decides to enter area EARLY in daylight BUT he stays up higher near me. Todd watches whole situation play out with GREAT PATIENCE......then BANG !!!!!!!!! 1 shot Todd fires (he has scope) 60-65 yards.

And that big buck ,all alone jumps straight up in the air and back leg kicks(yes just like on T.V. buck hunting shows). He hits the ground running right to Todd as the rest of "wild Kingdom" run wild everywhere(it looked like deer and Zebras and water buffalo running every direction)!!!!!!! Next a second BANG from Todd and no way he was even close hitting this Gazelle . As buck ran next to Todd he had no lungs left and stopped- staggered and Todd cleanly dropped him with 3rd "BANG"




Todd's buck on left had a MOSTER body to him compared to my buck on right (especially being post rut and grouping with other bucks only already)


CONGRATULATIONS Todd on your 1st GREAT buck



And thanks for letting your Uncle Jerry share the enjoyment of our hunting memory......






This was our trailer headed down the road



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Thanks Chris (Moomay)

 There are just some hunts you remember EVERY detail (good or bad )and this was one of them.


Ray--sounds like some of your stories from the 1970's (i do listen to you after i figure out your spelling).


Chad-- Todd drove deer trailer to butcher yesterday with his wife and 1st new born son.  He called to say people were honking and rolling down their windows with thumbs up.


That boy is still living the "total experience"




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