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2013 Season to date....


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This year I tried something different then any other year in the past, that being buying in on a lease. I was pretty nervous goin in not really knowing the lay of the land but excited about hunting new ground at the same time. The first couple of weeks of bow season I saw a ton of deer but only a few that had racks. But I blame that on the unbelievable heat we had for pretty much the whole first month! I did manage to kill a doe Oct. 20th for my 4 year old son who was begging me to go track blood! Once the 1st of Nov hit the woods just felt different, like "it" could happen at any moment. As I new my vacation time was fast approaching I decided to go into the woods and move a stand on one of those days we had 60mph winds, hoping not to disturb any deer. Just so happens my first day of vacation Monday Nov 4th the wind was goin to be perfect for my freshly set stand 3 day prior. I got into the set nice and early hoping to beat the returning deer. With a little disappointment it was about 8:15 and I still hadnt seen a deer, but that all changed at about 8:30. All of a sudden I saw a small tree about 50yrds from me shaking like crazy! I knew it had to be a buck, so I hit him with a few calls and before I knew he was trotting straight to me. With very little time to truly judge the size of him I gave him the old "blaa" and stoped him at about 15yrds and let it fly! My arrow taking out both lungs I found my best bow kill to date about 75yrds away. With still 4 days of vacation left u called my boss and asked if would be ok if I came back to work so I could have more time off during the gun season! With opening morning of gun season feeling evening more like Christmas then past season's I couldn't wait. The whole first week I spent a TON of time in the woods hoping to double up on bucks on this lease. I saw 87 deer the first week with about 9 of them that were bucks. 2 real nice 2nd rack but both a had busted G2's. One a real wide 8pt and the other a 10pt. I kinda was kicking my self for not taking the 10pt even with the broken tine, I asked my self " what the hell are you thinking!!??" And told my self that I watch way to much tv and those deer arnt around every tree in NY! The Saturday morning before Thanksgiving I was able to witness something that I have never seen before. I heard a shot from the neighboring property and a doe came full bore towards me and stoped about 20yrds away. I could see that she was gut shot and hurt pretty bad. Just as I was about to shoot her for a mercy kill I see a nice 8 pt heading right for her. So instead of shooting the doe I watched what they were going to do. As soon as she took her first step after sitting still for about 3 mins, the buck put his nose to tje the ground and headed straight for her. Before I could get mt phone out to video he jumped on her back and bread her like she was never shot!! It was truly unbelievable! With still no deer on the ground It was now Nov 29th and I was going to go out and kill a doe for my grandfather in law who just has Sergey. I got in a spot that I had yet sat during the gun season with high hopes of a mature donkey to show her self. I sat down right around 3pm, a little later then u wanted but there was still plenty of time. Right around 4pm I heard some ice break back behind me, as I turned to see there was a small buck about 75yrds heading right to me. As I looked a little harder I saw another buck!! With both walking straight towards me a grabbed my gun not knowing if the 2nd buck was a shooter. As he approached 15 yrds I still never put the scope on him and wasnt sure weather or not to shoot. Right about then he stopped and looked up at me!! Still not havin the gun shouldered. He took about 2 more steps and looked up and spooked a little bit. He ran about 20 yrds and stopped, by then I had the gun shouldered ready! As soon as all four of his feet stopped moving I let him have it! Taking the bottum of both lungs and his heart he went about 40yrds and crashed!! It wasn't until I walked up to the deer to realize how much mass the rack had. My best buck to date!! He ended up scoring 137 1/8, never scored the buck with the bow but will be when I get the rack back. Sorry so long but didnt want to leave the real highlights out.

My son's first track job!


Best bow kill...


137 1/8 Best Buck Ever...


Thanks Matt

-Jakey Baby-

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Man you did lay the smack down on the bucks, congrats and very nice story behind it all. Be eaten back strap a few times this year :yes::beer: :beer:

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