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Did anyone catch Larry Dahlbergs show last weekend?

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I watched an episode of "hunt for big fish" last weekend, and the live bait rig he was using was amazing to see in action. He had a single hook a couple inches in front of live suckers that he wired thru the nose. He was catching muskies without a hook in them, and the ones that were hooked released easier than anything ive ever seen. The guide put him on fish, but he taught the guide his technique and it was impressive. Sure looked like a much better conservation minded rig than a quick strike rig with trebles. Anybody ever try this? <br />

Justinw<br />

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It's a shame no one I know of sells large suckers in NY state. I caught a 50 incher in Wisconsin in 2008 on a quick strike rig.

When I got home I got all the tools together for live bait fishing, all for nought. The 1000 islands bait store had a few but they were only 6 inches long.

The only thing you can do is catch your own bait and even then you have to comply with regulations regarding the VHS disease.



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