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GoPro Questions


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I just got the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition for Christmas and I can't wait to start using it! I have a few questions for you guys that are already pros at using it.

What settings take the best videos?

Which accesories are must haves?

What is the best software for video editing? Oh yea, I have both PC & Mac but probably want to use the Mac.

Any other tips you might deem helpfull would be great too!

Thanks - GG

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Thanks. I have to try 720, I played around with it in the ice today but I had it set on 1080. I did notice that the battery drained REAL fast. I guess I should turn off the wifi after it's set up.

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Buy the Wasabi power pack, it's a great deal. For a little more than buying a single gopro battery, you get a charger and two batteries with higher capacity.


Gopro has their own editing software that is also free called Studio 2.0. It's made for beginners


Thanks to Peter for the info on the new Gopro editing software! It looks like they upgraded Cineform to the Studio 2.0 and it's great! I just downloaded the upgrade and I was just playing around with it and it's very similar to Windows Movie Maker, but better and much quicker. You can add your own music, text, titles, etc. and the best part is it's free.


Thanks for the great tip!


- Chris

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Thanks, I purchased the batteries and downloaded the Studio 2.0 also.

I just started messing around with the software and seems like it's user friendly. I really need to take more video to really figure everything out!

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Hey Double G, I am also a newbie with the GoPro 3+ black. Haven't shot much video yet and will down load Studio 2.0 soon. Looks very cool! I did purchase an extra battery as it doesn't seem to last long especially when wifi is activated. I picked up the suction cup, roll bar, tripod, and C clamp spring loaded mounts. Looks like they should cover most applications. Looking forward to shooting the shotgun cam, net cam, fishing rod cam, boat/trailer and possibly the "Beer" cam...should get tons of footage from the last one! Can't wait to add music and play with some time laps. I downloaded the Gopro app to my IPhone and iPad. So cool...everything can be controlled and viewed on tablet/phone. Have fun and pass on any future tips.

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Multiple batteries, handlebar mount, (depending where you mount on the boat, maybe the floaty backdoor in case it decides to take a dip).  I've been using iMovie on my Mac, but with any video software, there is gunna be a steep learning curve to begin.  Even though I have three batteries and a charger on board, I still use the 720p setting with 30fps I believe. 


With any kind of HD video, it's gunna take up space.  Lotsa space.  IIRC, each file will be about 4gb per full length video (on my setting.  May also due to the format it is recorded in).  If you plan on recording all weekend, a single 32gb card will be tight.  With the prices of class 6 or 10 SD cards, there's no reason to not have multiple cards available.


On a side not about the battery, I found that after a few FULL cycles, the battery did last a bit longer.

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1.) 720 is my video setting


2.) Extra battery, handlebar mounts


3.) I use Windows Movie Maker b/c it's free. It's a bit cumbersome, but it's free.


Good luck,




Exactly. And the battery ... this was the biggest disappointment. I was told I could get 4 hours out of a battery. No way, only about 2 to 2.5 hours. So get an extra battery or even better a battery pack.  Don't forget to download the app for your phone, it is great to use to setup the camera via live stream - but once it is setup, switch off the camera wifi as it chews up the power.

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Man, thanks for all of the tips and advice!!! I think I went a little overboard with the accessories. I have;

Handlebar mount

Roll bar mount

Shotgun mount

A long telescoping pole mount

32 gig card

64 gig card

Floaty thing

Wasabi Power Pack w 2 batteries

Battery Backpack

The GoPro phone app is really cool and I tried the Studio 2.0 software.

I put an adhesive mount on the bucket I sit on while icefishing and did a little filming. The only thing that sucked was that the battery ran out before we started catching anything. I used the Studio 2.0 software to put a short video together just to practice. You can check it out if you want to

I had the camera set on 1080p with 60fps


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