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Started early on the south end of the bay today.  Worked both the east and west sides and everything in between.  Not much action other than a couple of random shots in 20-30 FOW.  Left around 10:30 thinking it wasn't worth getting wet from the rain :rain: or falling on the ice.  If you go take your cleats!!  An inch of water on top making it extremely slippery :dance: and a real lower body workout if you want to move around.  Being sore will be a good excuse to lay on the couch and watch football today and tomorrow  :yes: .

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Luke a couple of buddies were out on the east side today also, said it was slow

till 10:30 u missed it, rain started to come down heavy, just when they figured

out what they wanted, ended up with a dozen or so, before they left soaked to the bone

minnow heads were the key, they would not touch the whole minnow

bodies and heads.. maybe you will have luck tomorrow.. try it.

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