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Official pro am update

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As most of you have seen we are excited to be part of the Lake Ontario Championship Series. Sodus is humbled to be part of this new great series.

we are also excited to announce that we will be offering a grand per day Wednesday through Sunday the week of the sodus pro am. For a $100/boat each team can compete for a grand, or 5 g's if lucky enough :).

Also we will be trying something new by offering a tournament-wide Calcutta. We will be doing a play off from the 333 challenge and have teams weigh in 3 fish during Saturday and Sunday. Each team will weigh only 3 fish all of which can be one day or combined between the two. Our hope is by bringing both divisions together for a little friendly competition which will increase camaraderie amongst the teams and give the am's a shot to compete against the pro's.

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 For a $100/boat each team can compete for a grand, or 5 g's if lucky enough :).



Geez, I was gonna take this year off from tournament fishing, but if you're gonna offer up a special deal just for my team, it would be rather rude of me to not participate   :)


Seriously though, keep this up and maybe I'll run the boat over from Henderson for the week after all ? 

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