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If you only have one battery, this is happening b/c you are experiencing a voltage drop from your starter. When the voltage drops, the current has to go up and the Lowrance unit will shut down. If your battery is faulty, it could exacerbate the condition b/c it can't maintain constant voltage so buy a new battery, or better yet - get two batteries and wire your electronics to one, and the other to your starter.


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First thing I would check is the grounds, both on the accessory side and the starter side and the battery ground terminal itself, make sure it's clean and tight, a bad ground could make for excessive starter amp draw and starve the electronics from adequate power and therefore causing them to shut down. this only happens when the starter is activated, do you have 2 batteries and a selector switch if so try it with 2 batteries and see if it happens if so two things could be going on, 1 a battery could be weak or 2 the starter is going bad and taking to many amps to crank over and again starving the rest of the electronics. Some of the indications will be starter cranks and cranks and when you let off the key the motor starts. hope this helps.

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Whenever I start my boat the electronics are shut off. My Lowrance does not shut down but it flashes a little if I start the boat while it is on. I'm sure it's not good for the unit. That's why I start the boat first, then the electronics.




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