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Remote Steering


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Autopilot is not in the budget so... Panther T4, Remote-Troll, or PowerTran are my options. Anyone with any experience with any of these or others please tell what u like / dislike about them. I like the wireless option with the T4. Will be using with 1985 Honda 8hp kicker.


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I have the panther t4 setup.  I have no complaints with it, however, in my opinion you will still need one person to have the fishing  rod and one to steer...so that's 2 people in the boat.  On days that are calm, you can get by fishing alone with it.


It cannot set a course like auto-pilot...the only downside, but I don't fish alone so it doesn't bother me.  For now, I am using the wired remote that came with it and have no problem with the cord getting in the way.


Good luck on your decision.

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