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I asked the same question earlier in the season, and a lot of the guys told me to use this guy, John Mann, he is supposed to excellent work at a reasonable price, I saved his info because I'm in need of new side windows and if the price is right a new aft curtain anyway here is his # 315-871-6400 and he's out of Sodus Bay (Sodus Bay Canvas) hope this helps, I'm out of the Black River Bay Campgrounds and go out of Henderson a lot. My thought was I would trailer up this spring do some spring browns, then make arrangements to drop boat off on my way home and pick it up when finished. A excuse for the wife have to pick up boat at canvas shop and spend a few days on the lake. LOL

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You might want to call John and ask if it is possible to ship the canvas you have to him if it fits correctly "as is" and have a new one made from it. I know the preferred way is to actually fit it to the boat but see what he thinks....He is top notch in his work.

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