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Hydraulic steering fittings


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It's there a place to buy t style compression fittings for my raymarine hydraulic pump that work with the bay star steering?

The bay star uses the tubes not the hoses so I can cut them but need to find t fittings to plumb in the pump.

I was going to go with regular hardware store bread fittings but figured they needed to be special thread our something.



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Hi Chas!

Beside being a charter boat operator I have other business. I install marine electronics autopilots included. I will be able to help. Just give me a call.

"Captain Broz Marine Electronics" (585) 698-5238

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Custome Hydraulic from Ship Yard Marine 1 800 213 3323......... this contact I received after my install was complete!


They will make the hoses, I had to order mine from Seastar. This part was the most painful part of the install. I searched for weeks to buy the threads locally.


  1000psi WP

  • 5000psi burst
  • 5/16†OD
  • Lowest available expansion factor possible
  • SeaStar threads are that of 9/16†x 24 UNEF
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Chas, first I would contact Capt. Broz. But I was thinking my father in law has tri axels dump trucks, and he uses those type fittings all the time on hydraulic fittings, some are for air lines and some are hydraulic lines, maybe a heavy duty truck supply shop would have what you need. Just a thought?

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DEar CHAS2018, .....The plastic tubing is made by Imperial/Eastman  ....66-NSR-3/8...... This is special stuff. The fittings are in their catalog also....for type 66 NSR PLASTIC TUBING!!! The only place you wii be able to order this stuff is thru a large HYD. Service shop that can buy Imperial/Eastman components. Buying the plastic tubing & fittings from Teleflex is your last very expensive resort. Remember also that these fittings are UNIQUE and intended for steering systems. Your automotive compression fittings are the wrong design and ARE NOT APPROVED FOR MARINE STEERING APPS!!    Liability problems!!!! Respectfully submitted.....X-Jet Boat Bill;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;Just found out that 3/8 ID 1000 PSI approved hose is available on E-Bay.....$2.00 a foot... Something new to me!

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Anyone who installs an AP in a hydraulic system should check on the availability of necessary hoses and fittings before the unit is purchased. As mentioned Seastar hoses are very expensives and the lenghts available start with 2' lengths which in my case with a 20' boat and limited space made it extremly difficult. I contacted every major trucking outfit from Binghamton to Long Island that could make up hoses without success so it was back to seastar and after complaining about the special threads and lack of small lenghts they made hoses for me. 


Also take into account a special thread sealer was recommernded which was about $50 for the tube,thread tape cannot be used. Installing the unit was fun & painless however trying to get hoses made up for a small boat was a nightmare.

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Seastar lists the fittings as 3/8 compression 9/16"-24 extra fine thread. Stainless or brass.

Do you have any pipe fitter friends in Corning?

Loctite PST on pipe threads

1/4" NPT on the helm

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