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You won't catch these in lake O

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Here are a couple fish we've caught in The Fl. Keys. Lots of fun down here but I'm ready to catch some salmon!!

A 15"triggerfish


A 16"hogfish


14" yellowtail snapper


A sharksucker. We caught this in the gulf....all 4 of us said wtf is that ???


Don't know what this is, but we caught about a dozen of them in the ocean.


Mangrove Snapper


Yellow Jack


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Yeah, that was one day we got out on the ocean side. The water is soooo blue.... I love that about the keys. It was 80-85 every day but the last day when a cold front hit and it only reached about 68.

I have some neat manatee pictures I'll post when I get home. First time I ever saw one in the wild and I thought it was way cool.

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A Tang huh....... Thanks. I'll look that up. I couldn't find it in my books and hadn't caught one on previous trips.

Funny thing about those fish.....of the ones we caught ....that one is the only one that was hooked in the mouth. We hooked them in the belly, back, side....all over the place, but only one was mouth hooked :?: Had me real puzzled.

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Thanks for the tip Nick......your right. It appears to be somewhat similar to a Tennant's Tang. Some different markings, but definitely a Tang. I appreciate the help in identifying it.


I was probably on a school of them and will never catch another one. Perty fish!!

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