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Black Release tension setting


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That's why we head on over to lake Erie. :D

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I hear ya there, we usually head out the 2nd of June to the Oak Orchard area, Turtle creek, and do very well with them. We usually get there at the transition from jigs to crawler harnesses. We rent a house out there for a week, unload our goods, launch our boats at Lamberjack's marina and head out to the Happy Hooker for the most update info, that guy that owns that bait shop is also a charter captain and isn't afraid to tell you what's working at the time. The folks out there aren't shy to fill you in on what the walleye's were hitting on and where they did the best, lots of shoals to fish and buoys to go by. Normally we are within 1-2 miles out to good fishing. One year it was a exceptionally warm spring and we had to run out to West Sister Isl. which is about a 5 to 7 mile run, but it was well worth the run, we got into a class of 2006 walleyes and they were all in the 4-6 lbs range. Didn't mean to Hyjack the thread but just can't resist talking about walleyes. PAP 

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The #19 at Staples works pretty good but I prefer the ones in Big Lots and Dollar Store that girls use for their hair...much smaller and about the right break strength.

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you do this until the fleas show up and then go to heavier line?

By the time the fleas show up and we are fishing for kings, we typically don't run spoons. We usually run either flies or meat or both. That being said, if we aren't getting bit, we have been known to fish spoons. One thing to keep in mind, the 12lb test Gamma actually breaks at around 17# or so. Gamma also doesn't seem to load up with fleas as bad as you would think. We also check lines a lot more frequently when the fleas are around, especially on dipsys because if the dipsy lines load up they will float up in the water column. You know when it's happening because you can see the angle of the line change in the water as the dipsys rise in the column. With the spoon rod, we just pop it and slap the fleas off and send it back down.

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