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NYSDEC New Adventure License and Optional Icon on Your Driver's License

Captain's Cove

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Since Captain's Cove is a license issuing agent for NYSDEC, we often receive updates from them.  I thought this update would be of interest to lifetime license holders.


"Several questions have risen with regard to the new Adventure License (whereby lifetime license holders can have a particular icon placed on their driver's license or DMV-issued non-driver's ID). The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) recognizes the new Adventure License (driver’s license with icons or non-driver's ID with icons) as documentation of a license holder’s lifetime license status. Instead of having to carry a driver’s license and their lifetime sportsman, hunting, fishing, or trapping license, lifetime license holders now have the option to have their lifetime sporting privileges so indicated on their DMV-issued license or ID and choose to carry a New York State Adventure License . (Note: it is not mandatory to have icons added to one’s license.)    It is important to note, however, that hunters must still wear their back tag while hunting in the southern zone, and hunters must carry on their person while afield: any appropriate carcass tags for deer, bear, and turkey; federal duck stamp while migratory bird hunting; and Harvest Information Program (HIP) number while hunting migratory birds. If you have further questions, please contact License Sales at 518-402-8843.   DEC will still continue to provide Lifetime ID Cards for those holders 16 year and older.


~ Michele at Captain's Cove


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