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Possible boat purchase


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like nessmuk asked,depends on what you are looking to do and go with it.i had a 17 foot tyee that i started fishing with on ontario.nice solid boat with deep sides for a 17 footer.however,you will out grow it fairly quickly as you start to grow your spread.so,depends on what your intentions are.lund makes a quality boat,but if you are gona fish ontario,you may want to look at something bigger.

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I looked at the Fury XL Sport last year when it first came out. At the time I had a 1600 Fury SS that was 2 years old but I  wanted a full windshield.


I was just about ready to pull the trigger on the 1625 and then the dealer got in a Rebel 1650 XL Sport. I really liked the extra room in the Rebel. So, I started pricing one out. In the end, with the same motor (60hp Merc 4-stroke) the cost was only about $2,000.00 more.


I ordered one and couldn't be more happy.


It's on the small side for Lake O. and I have to be selective when I go out there. However, it the largest I could fit in the garage and still have access all around it along with my wife's car.


Being in my 70's it's still manageable both on and off the trailer for me.


I have had much larger (up to 28') glass boats but for my current situation, this works great.


Bottom line, if you can handle it and afford it, go bigger.


If not, take a good hard look at the Rebel 1650 XL before jumping on the Fury 1625.

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Three years ago I bought a 165 fishhawk crestliner. Great little boat but I found 99 percent of the fishing I was doing was on lake Ontario. I just traded it in the fall on a 22 foot seapro. Found that it was to small and limiting for big lake fishing.

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We bought a Lund Fury XL 1625 last year. Its powered with a Honda 60 and just flies.

My wife loves it! The bow is configured for an electric trolling motor. I did not like the Attwood gas tank and had to have the fittings changed so we could connect with our other Honda engines. I also did not like how the bilge plug is supposed to be accessed from outside the stern- my preference is from the inside so you can run along and drain at the same time. We don't trailer so this does not suit us. The casting platform that folds back is kind of neat.

Our color is black and this is a wee bit of concern because of the dark nights we have late fall on Lake of the Woods. The navigation lights are adequate but if you are in an area with heavy boat traffic you wish to customize and add some supplementary port & starboard lights and a second stern light low on the transom. The battery is really accessible which I like. The top is good and you can stand up while using it. I would suggest getting a fuse block installed based upon my prior experience with my Lund Pro Sport . The wiring harness got lot loose in heavy weather , started rubbing creating a short which traveled down to the fuel sending unit on the internal tank beneath our feet when my wife and I went out for dinner. There was smoke pouring out of the rear and I just shut off the engine in time! Because of this I don't have great faith in Lund's fuse system, GET A FUSE BlOCK in whatever you buy.

Good luck, its really a nice boat overall.


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