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It's Empire Passport Time...


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Just got this in a e-mail , not the great deal they had buying them early the past year or so but still away to save a few $$$$$



It's Empire Passport Time...

You enjoyed New York State Parks before, so come for even more outdoor adventure this year. Purchase an Empire Passport again and receive unlimited, day-use vehicle entry to all of New York's 179 state parks and 55 Department of Environmental Conservation forest preserve areas, as well as boat launch sites, arboretums and park preserves. In addition to your favorite spot, consider exploring some new parks this year. See where the Empire Passport is accepted.


Many options, many ways to save 
Choose the Empire Passport best for you!

  • Buy a one-year 2014 Empire Passport, accepted through March 31, 2015 for $65.
  • For additional savings, consider the three year ($165) or the five year ($260)
    Empire Passport.
  • If you're a loyal purchaser, brand new this year is the Lifetime Empire Passport for just $750. With no expiration date, buy it once, and enjoy access to parks forever!


For all purchase and payment options visit the 
New York State Parks, Empire Passport Program  




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That's good to know , Thanks........ the pass is a great deal if you fish more than a week or so @ $6 to $7 a pop for each launch......

I'll send a reply back to them about that just to see what they say.............



I just checked there list and didn't see it listed ???  Did I check by the wrong name ????



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