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Wouldn't leave the dock with out them?

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Rattlin Rogue in

Tiger roan and silver/black stripes

I have about 30 smothwicks. Mostly the 4.5 and 5 in ones. They never produce for me. They don't seem to have A lot of action. Is there a way to tune them? Edited by steelie1
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Any plug can be made to wobble a little more by slightly bending the front eyelet up a little. Just be careful not to bend it to the side. 


To test a plug, let out about 4-6 ft of line from the rod tip & look at it in the water.  Make sure you do this from both sides of the boat.


Tom B.


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Smithwicks can be Awesome in the spring . The rattlin rouges tend to run 5-8'deep off planer boards. And yes , like all sticks , they need to be tuned. I have some I bend the nose down to make them run shallower(mosly the larger ones for this) & have a wide side to side action at slower speeds. I also run them off riggers when in the 10-30' depth of water range. I have caught  many a king on

one 75-150' back & 5-15 'down .My fave is the silv/green top. Also good is Black/silv/orange belly, Blue/silv & the hard to get purple silv. I use a black & gold one in my fave ADK lake for Pike & Smallmouths.


 Make sure you use a SMALL snap only or Splitring tied direct  & not to heavy line8-10 , 12 # max.


 I use take my sticks down to the canal & tune them all. Took a while but well worth the time. Also after a fish you may have to retune.

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