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Slow bit all February and March is not starting any better


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I agree, after starting my ice season off with a bang icing trophies of nine different species ( my pb walleye at 25.5" and a 29" pickerel) feb has been a struggle. My first trip to Oneida was a bust. Our annual trip to black lake which has always yielded daily limits of nice sized crappie and pike, produced alot of small fish and another walleye at the cost of being stranded with a blown right front wheel bearing. Chautauqua last weekend overnight we found some crappie, but they were reluctant to bite in the 30 mph gusts.

Feb is always hit or miss but the constant change in pressure and frontal systems definitely made this yr a tough bite. However, it seems if u were out on the days when the fish were ready to eat, the fishing was excellent.

I did learn alot this yr though. I put over 100 miles on the wheeler which opened up alot more area for me to fish. I also did alot more big fish fishing and connected on some nice pike, walleye, trout, and bass but suffered alot of downtime as well.

I'm hoping the last ice period will bring some hungry fish to my bucket and then the spring king bite to be insane.

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I agree king when the fish did bit we hammered them. But with all the storms and wind we got all month. But on a brighter note the ice is 30" Plus almost everywhere in upstate. It was the first time in along time I could bring my truck out on the ice. And that opened a lot of fishing for me. In the summer and spring and in to the fall I'm in the rivers after trout and salmon in the fall. But when I come to the big water I'm a shore fisherman. Only cause I don't have a boat yet.

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Funny thing is I have the exact opposite situation. My ice season started off slow in December but really ramped up in jan and feb. I think a lot has to do with lake and species selection. Certain lakes and species get mid winter slumps. Change up something.

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