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camping for this summers red cross tournament


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ok heres my dilema for this summers red cross tournement. i have never fished cayuga or further more really been near the lake so therefore i know nothing about it..my first question is what is the best campground/boat launch combo on the lake that puts me into the good fishing the quickest? my next question would be what is the best llaunch for someone that is coming from the south west of the lake..Ie bath area. any and all help would be amazing thanks a ton

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Here's a link, good location for that time of year. If they have an opening. You'll need to call asap.

There are a few other places around the lake also 2 state parks and a few private ones.

http://www.lansingrec.com/index.php?opt ... 9&Itemid=7


There are 4 launches on the west side that are pretty easy to find.

starting at the south (excuse spelling) Allen Tremain, taughannock,

dean's cove and Cayuga state park. There are a couple in between that

the names escape me, some might be private.

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