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Hi From Ontario Canada

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Hi everyone 


I am here to make new friends and hope to share some of what I have learned. 


Ok winter we have had enough of you time let summer take over.


Wish all great fishing in 2014.





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Welcome to the site HOTFISH. It's nice to have our neighbors from across the border to share info with, this is by far the greatest site on the internet as far as I'm concerned, there is a wealth of info from the great people on here. Lot's of veterans to lake O on here to help us rookies out, and maybe some Canadian info to switch things up would be a nice idea!! pap.

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Hey that's a very good thing to know super_hawk2012 you and pap are very open minded people "my kind of people"


I have been on this site just as a browser from time to time over the years "not a member" and noticed very little input or quality info from my canadian friends. There are many newbies to salmon fishing on our side and maybe the future will be better for info learned and shared from this side. I hope!  I have been in the salmon fishing business for 29 years now if I had not been open minded, "hungry to learn" I would not be here.  The ecosystem has changed how we fish and what we fish with has evolved to unimaginable tech improvements. 


Attention to detail is everything. You get out what you put in. All thats left after that is being in the right spot on any given day.


I shared some of what I found on the post about glow in the dark lures because this is of great interest to me. I will share more if asked or have time.


Wish you great fishing 

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