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Free okuma dipsey rods

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I purchased 2 10' okuma dipsey rods 2 years ago. I noticed late last season that the wire guides were getting a groove worn in almost everyone of them. I decided to contact okuma. I was amazed that they agreed to send 2 new ones. I had to send them a section of the rod with the numbers on it and a $15.00 shipping fee. I am glad they stood behind their product. The guides are no longer gold I hope that means they are made of a better material.

I have a lot of okuma gear and other than these rods it has held up well for me! Hope this helps!


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I have bought reels with broken parts just to fix and use as backups. I called them to get replacement parts and told them they were used but the still insisted on giving the parts to me free. I won't own another reel just because of that. Great customer service and a company that stands behind their products 100%.

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Alot of people complain about Okuma and some of there stuff is not as good as Shimano or Diawa. But Okuma  sure does  stand behind their products.  I use both Okuma and Shimano rods and reels and I think my catalinas I use are everybit as good as my Tekotas. I started off with Magda pros and when I fished more and got serious I upgraded little by little over the years.  Last year I bought a Coldwater 153 last year to try. The first time we used it my son hooked  and I into what I believe may have been an Atlantic as it ripped off 300' + line in 80 FOW off catfish creek on its first run. It was making big jumps behind the boat and we could seem to get any ground on the fish. On his second big run the drag seized up on it and we eventually got broke off. We were not happy to say the least. I called Okuma and I sent the reel back in and they sent me a brand new reel along with the spool from the reel that had my 10lb test still on it so there was no need to buy adiditional line.  I thought that was pretty nice of them to do. I am not sure if the other tackle companies would have done that.

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