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Strippers in Lake Ontario

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R we talking egg strippers or leg strippers... :P ....? Either way, I'm absolutely with no more different "top predator" fish in Ontario. Those bigheads and silvers (due to money-making political-industrial matters) r threatening. Lets keep what we have in balance, keep working on the lakers, atlantics, bows, browns and other intro'd pacific salmonids, both bass family members, walleyes, esocidae, "odd fish" varieties, and all the panfish (including the striper's cousins the white bass and white perch, which are both in the watershed). If U want stripers, a great fish, just go a little bit east or south and get all U want. Why do we need to have everything everywhere? Lord knows we are mobile enough and have wonderful variety in our region as it stands. Maybe wipers would work better instead of the tigers in Conesus for control, but the Big O....keep it clean and let it go.  8)  

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