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BT out of my Kayak 10lb +

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Archman and Ed, Thanks for the pms. Even though the fish was caught in 10 feet of water doesn't mean that an accident can't happen. The water temp was in the mid 30s and the air temp was? Rule of thumb for safe yakking is water+air temp=100. yakker should be prepared for the worse,( even in warmer temps),and dressed appropriately in the event of a swim. . One misshap and it is re-entry time. Just looking out for a fellow yakker. Be safe. Been in some snotty situation in the yak. Need any advice, I would be glad to give any help at all. More and more people are getting into yakking. Flyboy, Jude, would also give any help if needed. He lived on Lake O last year.


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A great site for those just getting into yakking or those already  into yakking is New England Kayak Fishing or NEFK. I have learned a hell of a lot from a couple of those guys. Some of them are LOU members and i fish with thm and vica versa when I get a chance. Athough the site is primarily New England, they focus on both the slt and sweet water and are a helpful group for yakkers, boaters and shore bums. :)post-145130-0-89421200-1397740767_thumb.jpg

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