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Cabela's Quickdraws

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I have a silly question, Do the Cabela's quickdraws work on Lake O for Kings?  I have 14 flush mounts installed on my boat, I currently use them down on the salt here in NH.  They work just fine for stripers and blues...


Whats your opinions?




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Never tried that brand specifically but have used other plastic holders.  I almost lost a dipsy and downrigger setup because "I thought I would give them a shot". Personally I won't ever use another plastic holder.  


I will tell you that they do stand up to walleyes with inline planer boards along with trout (excluding lakers).

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I tried them for about three times out years ago and thank God I had a safety line on my rods....I had a real good hit that lifted the spindle out of the retainer and the rod headed for the water. A pair of them sits in my garage unused since that day :lol: I take that all back....I had the 360 HT rod holders....sorry about that.... :)

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