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Cayuga Tribs dead?

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 I am  very close to  Fall Creek from the falls to the inlet each and every day during work, as well as  cayuga Inlet from the lake up to Newfield.. Since 4/1 I have seen a grand total of maybe 3 guys fishing.. I know the runs are not what they used to be and the big crowds are gone, but this is by far the lowest participation I have witnessed in 22 years here..  Conditions weren't bad until  tuesday 4/8... Just wondering whats going on??..  Is the Cayuga trib  rainbow fishery really that bad here now that no one at all fishes for them ?..

 I saw a grand total of 1 guy  below the falls  at fall creek across from the high school , and 1 guy at the black iron bridge.. That is since the 1st....  Anyone try Cayuga tribs yet this year? Lost cause??... bob

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 I never was much into fishing  the tribs during the spawn.. I like to let the fish to reproduce in peace..  Just wondering why more guys aren't trying these days.
  Trollers still catch bows on the lake, so there must be some left to spawn..

 It makes me sad actually.. Used to be quite a sight.. Cars from Pa, NJ, and guys all over rt 13, some dragging big tails on the way back to the car.. Haven't seen that in a long time... bob

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