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Sold / Closed Little STIX

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If interested please pm me here for more info.

I work all day :thinking: so I'm only on here during the evenings....that's if nothing else comes up :)


BPS xps floating stixs.... 20 shown actually have 21ea. , excellent condition , $35 includes shipping

Challenger floating stixs.....6ea. , exc. cond. , $15 includes shpg.

Rapala (3) Husky Jerks / (1) Rap. jointed / (1) Rap. floater , (ALL NEW).....$12 includes shpg. - have all hooks

Rapala Husky Jerks 11ea. (ALL NEW) excep. for 1 black/silver.....$35 includes shpg. - have all hooks

Rapala floaters 7ea. (ALL NEW) .....$24 includes shpg.

A.C. Shiners......I'll post a price after 7:00 pm tonight.... :)


How would you like to arrange payment ?


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I have no idea if they are cedar or balsa and not sure how I would figure it out , unless

I crack one open :)

I'm not going to put a price on the A.C.Shiners yet , I will consider offers , thru pms. at this time.

The lures are in excellent shape , I have all the hooks and split rings....the (2) orange/gold ,

(2) black/silver , (1) green/gold/orange do have that (foil problem) where it looks blotchy , still

under the clearcoat tho. From what I've experienced this seems to be an ongoing problem? with these baits.

I just wanted to be clear on the condition.

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