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Memorial Day Weekend Pig Roast @ 4 Mile Creek Campground


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Pig Roast....LOU members are welcome!

Where: Campsite #108 @ 4 mile Creek Campground (Youngstown NY 14174)

When: Saturday May 24th

Time: 1pm till ?? ( Pig will be done around 3pm? )

A couple buddies and Myself will be having a little Pig Roast on May 24th (after the morning bite ;) ) My one buddy has a roaster we will be pulling out there for the weekend We do Pig roasts a couple times every year. We will be out there fishing for a long weekend, and our initial intention was to do a suckling pig just for us and maybe a couple people we meet around camp.

Then I got thinking maybe other LOU members will be there that weekend? If so, and If your interested in joining us......PLEASE let me know well enough in advance.....thus the early posting. Our intent is still to do 1-2 suckling pigs, but we can do some barbecue chickens also if we expect more people.

We'll have horseshoes set up also.

What you'll need to bring if you plan to attend:

A chair

A side dish (if poss)...store bought is fine

Beverage.....we will supply the pig/chicken.....you supply your beer!

Pm me if your interested in joining us.

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You only eat sandwiches when your fishing anyway :lol::lol::lol:

Well, an occasional sandwhich, mostly chewin tobacco :) . It would be tough for me or my crew to give up there fishing time.

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I hear that Eric....esp. right after this looooooong winter. I think we're all itching to get out on that water !!!! I'm gonna have a really fun crew out there on Memorial day weekend. We'll beat up on the fish in the morning, but we'll raise some he11 back at camp in the afternoons. Just gonna one of those kinds of weekends. No wife or kids that weekend to keep me in check :devil:

Are you guys staying at 4 mile when your out there? If so what dates? I'll have the boat & RV there the whole month of May, but I'm not sure yet if I'll be there during the middle part of the month?

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Count on Team Git-R-Done to be at your Pig Roast. We use to camp at 4 mile back in the 80's before we seasoned at Barker. Then I was sent to Texas for 8 years. Came back in 2000 and my son decided to get back into Ontario fishing in 03. This year we decided to get a season slip in Olcott. You must launch out Wilson or Niagara State park.

Looking forward in meeting your team and other fishermen.

Thanks for the invite,

Howie Nola (Shade) Get-R-Done

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Sounds good Shade.........all the info is up top. Most of our crew will be fishing till 10 or 11am, so feel free to stop on by anytime from 12 on........we'll be there all afternoon/evening!!

It sounds as though we will have a slip at The Boathouse in Wilson from May 1st till the end of the Pro Am. The rest of the season we slip in Oswego. I look forward to meeting you and your crew.

I'll be there most of the loc derby also, so we may even cross paths before the roast??

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Our plans have changed and it's looking more like a fish fry ;(:$;)

My friend can't bring his truck (in shop), so he has no way to the bring the roaster plus he's driving at night now due to a work conflict and the roaster does not have lights. I'm bummed....but what can ya do ??

Anyone that will be around though should give me a shout or stop by. There will still be plenty of food and manly beverages!! Site # 108 @ 4 mile creek.

Call me on the boat phone @ 610-217-4516

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