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Yankee out of the Genesee fishing Irondequoit to Hedges 4/12-4/13

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April 12th - Left the Genesee River around 6:30am and hooked right out of the chute. We motored down to Irondequoit Bay and set lines. Water temps were in the high 30s to low 40s.


We worked some great colored water between Ship Builders and Hedges. We had a great day! A hot set-up was a Mixed Veggies fished off a Split Shot rig, and a Glow Frog fished off our Cannon Downriggers. Hot stick bait colors were SIlver/Blue, Black/Silver, and Perch.


We ran our riggers back 50-60’, our boards from 120-175’ back, and our split shot rigs 80-100’ back.











April 13th - We had the same crew out again, and instead of changing up the scenery we went right again out of the chute. We left the Genesee River around 6:30am, and motored down to Irondequoit Bay. When we set lines we noticed the water temps were up a few degrees.


We worked the area between the Irondequoit Bay and Webster Park. The bite was just as good as the day before. Our HOT Split shot rigs from Saturday were DEAD! Hot rigs today were our planer board lines with bright colored sticks. Firetiger, Orange, Chartreuse, and Froggy all took several shots. We ran them from 125-175’ back. The lines fished off our Cannon Downriggers also produced well with Glow Froggy, Sea Sick Waddler, and Gator spoons fished 50-60’ back.





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WTG Rick - as always I thank you for your very detailed reports.....


Be safe and tight lines,




my brother and I trolled right by you on Saturday by the Webster pier, that section from the pier to Shipbuilders took all the shots for us.

Nice rig!!!

What size split shot do you use ahead of a spoon?



I use between a 1/8 and 3/8 ounce keel sinker and it gets the spoons below the surface.


Good luck to all,



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Could a split shot be used in the same size in lieu of a keel sinker?

Absolutely - they're way cheaper too. Don't quote me on this but I think a #2 size split shot is about a 1/4 ounce and a #4 would be about an 1/8. You can always put a few on the line together.


Good luck,



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