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Kicker motor tiller handle in the way?


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So, just recently picked up a 2012 9.9 4 stroke electric long shaft Yamaha for a kicker to sit beside my Yammy 115 on the back of my Lund.  The kickers on the TV shows all seem to be the prerigged fully remote steering and throttle versions.  But mine of course is a tiller handle version.  I was wondering if people had problems with these handles getting in the way when they are tilted straight up...with lines, netting fish etc. or if there was any tricks with them.


I may decide to put on an itroll, protroll or controlling and I am definitely using some sort of steering bracket to link with the 115, but the tiller handle will need to stay...especially with the throttle and gear shift controlled through the handle. I know if I put the tiller handle straight out, when turned one way, the handle will hit the gunwale.



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Controllking is the way to go. I'm a Rep. And sell the units for $214. Shipped to LOU members in the USA. $224 for Canadian members.

PM me if you are interested.

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thanks Nemesis, but controllking or other unit, the tiller handle is still sticking out there.  Glad to hear other guys are finding it not to be in the way.  Unlike Josh`s merc, the handle will not, I believe, be able to be spun 180 degrees and stick out the back...more like just 90 degrees...either straight out or straight up in the air and the tiller handle on the newer Yammy`s anyway seem fairly long.

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