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Looking for advice for newer boat set up

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I pick up boat trophy 2460 this weekend and was thinking of how to set it up. I was going to run 8' trolling bar across back (traxtech) and three down riggers across, and then tail gunner rod holder up the chute. Two out and down and one straight out the back off centered to one side. Will that fit it is a I/O . I was worried about middle rigger near prop. (mag 10 with long arms). Then two dipsy per side and eventually tree rod and planer set up in the front. Is it a big advantage to running a trolling bar or is it a waste of $550. Thoughts appreciated. post-152622-13975126106009_thumb.jpgpost-152622-13975126380013_thumb.jpgpost-152622-13975126571483_thumb.jpg

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