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  My friend Tony and I hit the lake again this morning.  it was a cool 28 Degrees out!  Things don't like to work right when its cold...  So after a brief struggle at the dock we were under way.  The canal was dark as mud.  We tried to troll the east shore but there was ALOT of debris.  Somehow we dodged it all on the first pass and I decided I just got lucky so we headed out to deeper water.  Couldn't get a bite so save my life... Switched progams a few different times.  Made out way  up to Hector falls.  First time there.  Was beautiful!  Id like to back there on foot.  Anyways the water out front was lousy with fish, I tried 5 passes and I couldn't get a bite there either.  Trolled back towards port and started packing up lines.   got to the last line on the rigger and it was popped.  look back and there is a nice salmon jumping at the back of the boat.  Didn't get the skunk today!  I told my buddy tony that due to our luck lately we should have gone home with a ZERO and that it would have been good for him :) He is getting a little spoiled.


6lb 14oz LL 26"


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