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Florida wins ...................

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I'm in need of:

Miller 44's both in sliver and brass

Clearwater 101 in blue and silver

LJ Locos in chrome with green prism

Sutton 06, 88, 31

A pro-combinator

King Auto pilot

Pink lady planers

Jettison releases

Willie Sea Skis

Smooth silver Pirate 55

Rivera bullet weight with release on fin

Made in japan diawa 47SH

Let me know what you have!

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well it just happens a ahem! friend owes me 700.00 for a boiler i installed and I have a King unit new in box,,and 1 pink lady.had about 500 pirates but have sold most will check...suttons gone but i did have a box full in one of my boxes just havent dug that deep and had another previous bite maybe on the well kept secret millers and locos ................brb

Oh im down to my last 60 t stix might keep for some canoe trolling...............

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Are ya partin with Ursula? I know she was good with 3 rods...or more at once. She held yer rods fer ya all day...you might do ok with Marcella in the keys. .. long as ya take her off the patch...then she could dive fer lobsters with ya and not be so buoyant.

Wanna trade retirement for a 1.25 million mile truck? Just got broke in.


cent frum my notso smart fone

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