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Keuka Keuka 4/21/14

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Started out at the State Park, NEW DOCKS !! :yes:  started down the East side marking a ton of fish, no takers, was trying new things, in-line trolling sinkers, 6 & 8 oz, started out using 1 oz. 100' back = 10', was using wire rods, Spin Doctors/fly/Spin & Glo's, couldn't get a reading of the depth they were running, I do know, into the wind going 1.96-2 GPS mph 8 oz back 200' (I was guessing 160' down) & I wasn't hitting bottom in less than 100' of water, I will play more with them in the future. When I hit the first 2 story cottage, I couldn't take all the marks anymore so started jigging...........probably if I switched to my go to white tube bait I would have had luck.........but my confidence was hyped up on a silver UV shad jig.........what do fish know anyhow........Went over to the West side, trolled WITH the wind, 136-141 FOW, Mag Dipsy's set @ 300' back & 180' using my ol'stand by Glo Frog Racer Spin Doctor with a Reel Hooked Up Xtreme fly, and my other NEW go to Glo Frog Racer Spin Doctor with a Spin Glo and went 4 for 4 Keuka Lake size lake trout. On the water @ 7 AM off by 11:30,


met LOU member "Fishy" at the docks













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Yes Fishy was using boards in 7-20 ft of water. Stick baits had marks but no fish. Ioio is a good fisherman This end is a lake trout heaven. Jason and all lOU members Fishy Business is only 5 houses up hill from State Park enterence on Pepper Rd.

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Nice report Marty!   I only get 140 to 160 down at 2.2 with a one pound ball and 400 ft out on the thumper rig.    Sean

Thanks for that info Sean ! :yes: ............"they" sell bigger molds everyday and I'm getting quite the collection and have the lead.......... maybe I'll befriend a bored scuba diver someday and produce my own "speed, weight, depth chart" without spending $75 + for a book  :shake:

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First trip of the year,  After scouting the area south of the state park in the am with no results, headed over to the west side north of the launch. Had my 5 limit from 1:00 to 1:45. Ended up with 12 for the day. 90 to 100 fow. Hermit's super sharp 1 oz. jigs with white Lunker City Shakers (Hermit has these also) was what they wanted. Lots of sawbellies in them. Beautiful day. Motor ran better than I thought it would after sitting around in the cold for 5 months. Biggest laker about 22 inches. Good fight on light tackle. Will grill some up tomorrow. Cann't wait.

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First trip of year for my son & I yesterday also, Hammondsport end.   Good time, weather was almost too nice.  Found cooperative fish at all depths, usual staple of white & seafoam shakers did the trick.



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