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pike in wny

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Hi everyone,

Me and my brother recently picked up a small 12" aluminum boat last year and would like to target some northerns this season. I have caught a few when steelie and bass fishing but once the season opens I can't seem to find any when specifically targeting them.

We have been fishing at glenwood lake and waterport/lake Alice for the most part but open to other spots from the boat. We are strictly catch and release as well.

Not looking to be spooned here but would just like some general ideas of places to try around WNY. Any help in regards to lures to use is also greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM with any specifics.



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I agree with the conesus suggestions. Probably the best for pike in wny. Silver lake is good too and small boat friendly. Closer to where you've been fishing try the mouth of oak orchard creek. Years ago i fished there a lot after a report of muskie being caught there. No muskie but i caught a bunch of pike there. There were a lot of gar in there too. The reef hawg suggestion is a good one. Once the water gets to about 65 i would throw spoons for pike. 3 or 4 inch red eyes,johnson minnows,docktors,all in nickle. Black and white mepps muskie maribous are great for pike but after 3 or 4 fish the hair gets ripped out.

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